Car Rental terms and conditions

This page gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of our company'svehicle delivery. The necessary documents are the following: -passport -driver's licence valid within the Russian Federation N.B. Registration in Saint-Petersburg is not a"must". Minimal rental age and experience

Our rental cars are provided for people over 18.Driving experience is not necessary. Car renter's liability

In the case of damage or theft of the car a customer's liability is limited to the franchise.Renter is liable for such car's damage as a windscreen damage, fire or malicious actions of other people or his own wrong actions resulting in the damage of the car itself or property inside the car as well as for the damage of the car,third party's injuries and financial losses if there is suspicion of car theft or theft of its parts.For more detailed information ,please,turn to Vehicle Hire contract. Rates for rent

Rates for car rental without driver provide for the cost of oil and lubricants,car maintenance and MTPL and CASCO insurance .It is necessary to draw your attention to the fact that the tariff per day provides for the transfer of the car for the client's use for a period of 24 hours.Our cars'usage icludes insurance against damage and theft with a deductible(franchise).Fuel cost is not included in the rates.The deductible is the amount of liability of the renter, to which he is responsible to company in the event of the damage or theft of the rented vehicle.If there is no prior agreement on the extension of the car rental and the customer has exceeded the rental period by one hour, then additional payments will be imposed for the next day.There are various discounts and bonuses provided by our company in the long term rental of more than 1 month.


When making a car rental contract a customer makes cash deposit according to the tariff. In the event of return of the vehicle in the initial state and in due time, the deposit is returned to the customer immediately.But if the car has recieved a minor damage worth than the amount of the pledge left and the damage can be repaired by replacing the parts broken with new ones,the deposit is returned to the customer immedi ately minus the cost of the damage repair.If during the time of rental a car has recieved significant damsge which requires painting of car par ts or a few days of further repair,the deposit will not be refunded. 

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