Naprokat78 company services-vehicle rental,car hire

Our car rental offers the following range of services:

1.Special prices for customers.Our company is eager to offer special prices for individuals and legal entities in the case of a long-term car rental( 20 days and more), as well as profitable options for a single order of a big number of cars for organization of various events.

2.Our car renyal offers a free transfer from "Electrosila"underground station.If you have difficulty in getting to our place,you can be provided with a free transfer to our office.The only thing you will have to do is to call our operator 10 minutes in advance and you will be delivered to the nearest car pick up point.

3.Our car rental offers car rental with driver.We ensure a fast car delivery with a high-skilled expert as soon as possible and at any place to your convenience.

4. Long-term car rental for individuals and legal entities.Nowadays a lot of corporate customers tend to opt for a long-term car rental.The main reason for this trend is that many companies find it more beneficial and less expensive to rent a car rather than buy a new one. Among the major advantages of long-term car rental it is necessary to point out the following ;

-round-the-clock technical support and assistance in the event of traffic accidents; -organized servicing of each company's car; -evacuation of cars at all times and in all cases; -car replacement after a traffic accident for another perfectly serviceable car; -no obligatory registration of the car in Traffic police -full car insurance from any cases(accidents);

-annual technical service (maintenance) passing Extra facilities: 1.Car delivery/return within KAD 10.00-20.00-1000 roubles. 2.Car delivery/return within KAD 21.00-10.00-1500 roubles. 3.Car delivery/return within 30 km from KAD 09.00-18.00-1500 roubles. 4.Car delivery/return to "Pulkovo" airport-1200 roubles. 5.Our employee's check out (within KAD) for the settlement of difficult situations-1500 roubles.

6.Additional driver with a one-time authorization(for the entire rental period)-500 roubles

7.GPS-navigator-100 roublesper day ,but not more than 5 roubles for the entire period.

8.DVR and charger for free.

9.Baby chair-100 roubles per day, but not more than500 roubles for the whole period.

10. An employees check to the company after hours-500 roubles.

Extra Insurance(cover)

1.Top Cover LDW

The given option reduces the renter's liability in the case of accident or a vehicle theft from 20000 to 15000 roubles depending onthe chosen car class.The cost ofthis service depends on the particular model of a particular car.

2.Super Top Cover LDW

The option reduces the renter's liabilityin the event of accident or car theft to nul.The cost of these services depe nds on the car model.

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